Production and Services

Facilities located in the centre of Milano, Italy.
Main tech resources, all up to 2K and 4K HD final mastering:
- CAS ANIMO I&P and Compositing Workstations.
- MAYA CGI animation Systems on 3DBOXX WS.
- ANIMO Pencil Tester Systems.
- Apple SHAKE 4,0 Compositing and visual Effect System.
- Apple Final Cut ProHD video editing system.
- MacOsX graphic workstations.
- TB INFOTREND EonStor RAID Storage System.

Concepts, scripts
character design
Leica reels,
3D previz and animatics.

Layouts, backgrounds,
classical and innovative
2D and 3D animation,
effect animation,
CGI animation,
Web design, computer graphics, Illustrations.

Digital Ink&Paint,
visual effects.

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